A New Beginning

I purchased DanielTalks.com with the intent that I would write, write whatever, the point was to write my thoughts, feelings and dreams. I bought this domain about five years ago. I have since posted to this blog only a handful of times, IN FIVE YEARS.

Looking back, I can see why I lost interest in posting online. . Simply had no point of view. My posts were often scattered across a wide variety of topics that all related to my otherwise mundane life. Granted that I had just finished college and was jobless when I first started this blog, but none of my posts were helpful to me or to anyone else.

So in an effort to refocus my interest in this blog, I have decided to start posting about my recent decision to take charge of my life and health. I want to start posting about my journey to becoming a healthier person through diet, exercise and wellness.  My intent is to share my experiences with whoever is willing to read.  It is my hope that I write at least once a week. Wish me luck!

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